Weekly 2-hour art classes in a group of 7 people maximum. Some materials are provided but you will need to bring your own canvases and oil painting brushes (these are provided to beginners for their first painting).

You will learn different techniques of representation such as drawing, oil & chalk pastels, acrylic & oil painting. Please note, we will not be covering watercolouring techniques.

You will :
- Learn at your own pace: with lessons designed around you.
- Develop your creativity by exploring ideas and techniques with an experienced artist.
- Build confidence & develop your personal style in a supportive and friendly environment.


Lessons timetable:
Monday: 2pm-4pm 
Tuesday: 2pm-4pm / 6pm-8pm
Thursday: 2pm-4pm / 6pm-8pm
Friday: 10am-12noon 
Saturday: 10am-12noon 

How ART you?
A special option for English-speaking natives or for anyone whishing to practice and improve their English conversation skills through art.

Prices and payment options on request.

There are no extra fees for classes taught in English.
10% will be deducted from your subscription if you refer a family member.
When you enrol, you will receive a membership card that entitles you to discounts at local art shops.

Please note :

48 hours' notice is required for cancellation of any private lesson. Late cancellation will result in a loss of the fee for that lesson.

Missed attendance at group courses cannot be reimbursed other than in exceptional circumstances.