VanessArt Studio is a friendly art studio & gallery with an innovative concept: it provides tailored support for both novice and experienced students whilst incorporating the conversational use of the English language. The studio is ideally located in Annecy (within 10-15 minutes walk from the center) with a nearby parking.

Art lessons are opened to both children and adults. Children from 8 to 13 years of age are welcome (or 6 -13 years during holiday short-courses). Children are taught in small groups and are introduced to the English language through art. Teenagers and adults are also in small groups and can be taught in English on request.

Enrolment is possible throughout the year. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need further information.



"I love coming to the studio, I have learnt so many things! Nadia 10.

"I love my drawing classes, I have made new friends, I have fun and I learn a lot! Victoire 8.

"It’s cool! I learn lots of things like painting with a painting knife! Ivan 6.

"Vanessa is so sweet. When I come I am always in a good mood and I learn many things! Siméon 7.

"Very friendly, lots of different techniques, we have fun and we learn through games and drawings some new words in english! Théo 11.

"The best drawing courses! We learn while having fun and we meet lots of people! Téa 12.

"Very original courses, very good atmosphere. The studio is welcoming and rich in colours! And the results are amazing! Alexia 11.

"We come with an idea and we leave with a painting! Audrey.

"We received lots of support and were often encouraged. For this we say a big thank you! Laurence, Anne, Rita & Sylvie.

"Thank you very much indeed for the excellent quality & friendly atmosphere of your classes. They have really motivated me to put pencil/paint/charcoal/pastel to paper again after all the years. I was rather relieved to still be able to draw & it’s obviously a bit like riding a bike! Emma.

"Thank you so much for these good times during the past 2 years. Your smile, your patience with children, your wish to share your passion, your humility, your dynamism and so on... It will be a pleasure to see you again! ;-) Vanessa (Aurelien's mum).

"Thank you for your warm welcome, your kindness, your professionalism. I loved coming to your studio. I send you my best wishes. Do not change anything, it is perfect as it is! A nice though for Nelson. Régine.